Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Roundup - Baseball sucks and so does Ray Allen

Its fucking Monday again and that means we all have to go back to work, but it also means you get a weekend roundup from W and G.  Here's what went down this weekend.

1)  Baseball Sucks

The All Star Game is days away and the Red Sox had a showdown with the hated Yankees this past weekend and guess what... Nobody cares.  If ever there was a sport desperately in need of a bona fide rivalry, it's baseball.  There's nothing exciting to watch and nothing to tune in for at the moment. Perhaps this season gets a little more interesting as we head towards the finish, with a couple big questions still looming, such as:
  1. Will Bobby V see year two in Boston?
  2. Will the Pirates see postseason baseball for the first time since the Bonds era?
  3. Will the Theo Epstein-Cubs honemoon era come to an end?
  4. Will Albert Pujols be showing up this season?
Long story short though, Baseball Sucks.

2)  Serena Williams Wins Wimbledon

Who Cares?  Women's Tennis only matters if an attractive girl is winning.  Serena Williams looks like Joaquim Noah at this point. 

3)  Dan Gilbert's Hipocracy Never Ceases to Amaze

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, a notorious fucking tool, has his team involved in trade discussions to help facilitate Dwight Howard's move to the Nets.  This is the same fucking clown that was so vehemently opposed to the Chris Paul to the Lakers trade last summer because it undermined the Collective Bargaining Agreement's goal of parity.  Now he's gonna put the final pieces of the puzzle together to make Brooklyn a contender while the Cavs get essentially no better in the deal?  Absurd.  Don't make trades that create teams that you cannot beat.  That should be rule number 1.  And yet...  it is looking more and more likely to happen.  Absurd.

4)  Ray Allen is a Turncoat Bitch

I don't want to get too "old timer" on you here but could you see any of the 1980s Celtics players leaving to join the Lakers or visa Versa. How about the early 90s Bulls joining the Pistons?  Nope, me neither.  That't because you don't do that.  You don't mortgage your soul to win a ring like that.  So here's hoping Ray Ray and his creepy mom enjoy their time in South Beach before Ray ruptures an Achilles Tendon during layup drills in preseason camp.  Eat a dick dude!

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