Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Dwight Watch... Day 435

So here's today's Dwight Howard update and analysis...  Man I am sick of this guy.  I am not going to sit here and say that if he ended up in Los Angeles, I'd still be annoyed with him, as I would be lying if i did, but in the interim, I sure am sick of this douchebag.

The 17 team deal that Brooklyn was putting together two days ago appears to have imploded on itself because, really, getting so many teams, free agents, front offices, etc. all on the same page is nearly impossible, especially when you factor that the only real beneficiary in the trade would be the Nets.  How did it implode exactly?  Let's break it down:

  1. "Dickbag" Dan Gilbert read Monday's blog entry and decided W and G were right and that he was only helping to facilitate the creation of a team that his team has no prayer of beating.  So, then, he was out
  2. The Clippers had more or less the same realization, discovering that creating a "super team" in Brooklyn only impedes their road to a title, and why would they do that when all they get back is MarShon Brooks.  When did the Clippers' front office start making sense all the time?  Could be today's sign of the apocalypse
  3. The last 3rd party team mentioned in the potential Howard trade was the Bobcats, who nobody takes seriously and has absolutely nothing that anyone else would want via trade
So...  What is Orlando's next play?

The answer to that is simple, go back to the drawing board with the Lakers and the Rockets and see what you can realistically get that you can live with.  In terms of the Rockets, you can acquire young guys who are cheap, draft choices (Houston is a lottery team for the next couple years, and may miss the playoffs even if they get Dwight Howard) and probably only have to take back Luis Scola's bad but not terrible contract.  In terms of a trade with the Lakers, you could straight swap for Andrew Bynum but without Bynum committing to sign a long term extension, that's a non-starter for the Magic. 

So...  What's the solution?

Well, who's to say for sure but tell me if this sounds about right.  Last night this got reported and it makes a lot of sense.  Deal Bynum to Houston, where he has privately indicated he would in fact extend his contract long term.  Deal young cheap guys, draft choices and Scola from Houston to Orlando (Lakers draft choices are non-existent due to the Nash deal and they have no young guys). Deal Howard to the Lakers, meaning the Lakers get the best player in the deal but also take on the greatest risk, because Howard has not indicated any desire to sign a long term deal for the Lakers.  Orlando probably ships at least Jason Richardson and maybe Hedo Turkoglu to Houston in the deal as well. 

So... What do these teams look like at the end of such a trade?

Really bad but really young.  They get essentially a rebuilding project and cap relief in order to move forward. This is a guaranteed two years (and maybe more) in the Draft Lottery unless they strike gold in the draft.

Houston is gonna take on a couple bad contracts but they also get the young center that they want to build around.  That has been the Rockets' formula since Hakeem was there, get a marquee big man and build around that.  Bynum would love such a situation, as a selfish cunt who wants the offense to run through him, although he's not exactly the finished product in terms of his post play (read as: hes a bit of a pussy still). 

L.A. looks like a juggernaut, but maybe only for a year.  The Lakers are risk takers by nature, some of which have been absolute gems (trading Vlade Divac for Kobe Bryant's rights, trading Lamar Odom for a trade exception, paying the price for a year and then turning the trade exception into Steve Nash) and this may be the crowning jewel.  The Lakers would have Bird Rights on Howard, meaning that they could offer him $25 million (or there about) more than any other team could in free agency.  It may just be me, but I am NOT leaving $25 million on the table for anything.  Dwight Howard may be different than me, but I am counting on the fact that he's exactly the same as me, and ultimately resigns with the Lakers.


  1. I am still banking on Houston. Why would you want to make this guy happy. As we have said all along put him in Charlotte, Minnesota. Put him some where, where no one cares. My choice would be Alaska.

  2. I agree with you in concept 100 %. dude deserves to land in Sacramento or Minnesota, but in reality, you can't get ANYTHING you want back in return. so in terms of a business decision, you gotta at least try to get something you want/need back in return