Monday, January 31, 2011

4 midgets relay race against a camel.

We are sorry that we have been away for so long but I needed to share this video with you. This could be the greatest video of all time. I mean, midgets hate when they are made fun of but then they go and do something like this?? WTF???

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wheaton Hoops Sniffing .500

Despite a staggeringly bad 0-6 start to the season, Wheaton has used the time when nobody is attending their games (Wheaton has that 6 week long winter break) to put together an astounding run of form, winning 6 of their past 7 contests.  Walms has these boys sniffing the .500 mark. 

A win at Babson, who has nothing more than an average squad, will have the Walmsley Warriors at the .500 plateau.  Let's be honest, it was looking like a lost season through six games.  Now, all of a sudden, the Lyons could be sitting at even money and sporting a 3-1 record in NEWMAC play.  I have to wonder whether a team that went 0-6 to start the season ever won the conference title.  How many teams ever went 0-6 and got an NCAA berth? 

Could this be the beginning of something special in Norton?  Will the Walms make one too many substitutions?  Does Dan Noonan have eligibility left and turnovers left to commit?  You will have to stay tuned...

Weekend Pick Off

Seriously, I went 0-4 last weekend.  That shit is hard to do.  Hopefully better this week...

The pick in bold.

Jets (+8) @ Patriots
This game is personal for Rex Ryan.  Apparently every game is personal at this point for Rex Ryan.  I fully expect that the Jets sideline will be setting up walls on the sideline and doing every sneaky bullshit thing that they can do to win.  Except, as many people already know, the Patriots have Tom Brady.  They match up ridiculously well on the Jets, who pride themselves on their lock down corner backs.  Well unless Antonio Cromartie figures out how to lock down a tight end he give up about a hundred pounds to and unless Tom Brady goes crazy and decides that he's gonna actually incorporate Brandon Tate in the offense while Darrelle Revis is covering him, that lock down secondary isn't gonna mean shit.  Also, I am calling this game the Woodhead Revenge Bowl.  Look for Danny-boy to have a "Fuck You, Rex" kind of performance.  The pick is the Patriots, and it won't be close.

Seahawks (+10) @ Bears
I find this to be too many points to lay on the Bears considering they didn't even beat Seattle during the regular season.  Besides, Seattle looks bona fide good against New Orleans.  I am not sure the New Orleans game wasn't fool's gold but I don't trust Jay Cutler to run anyone out.  I feel like there is a better than average chance that the Bears will win this game, at home, in the cold but that doesn't mean I think laying a 10 spot on the Bears is sane betting.  The pick is Seattle, who will still lose this game outright but do so competitively. 

Packers (+2.5) @ Falcons
I fully admit to waffling back and forth on this pick over the past few days.  The teams are remarkably evenly matched if Green Bay's newly discovered running game is the genuine article.  The game is indoors, so the elements won't factor.  Here is my logic...  The Falcons went 13-3 in a very good division (I know, Carolina sucks but everyone else was rock solid).  The game is in Atlanta.  The Falcons are rested.  The crowd is going to be pumped.  My last argument for Atlanta is that I think Mike Smith is a very good coach and I think Mike McCarthy isn't.  At the end of the day, Atlanta as a team will do enough to be in a position to win the game in the 4th quarter and that's all you can hope for.  The pick is the Falcons, who will win the game and the 2.5 point spread isn't a lot to lay if you think that the team will win outright. 

Ravens (+3.5) @ Steelers
The Ravens looked awfully good in their dismantling of the Chiefs last week.  I really thought that game had upset special written all over it and yet the Ravens absolutely destroyed KC.  The Steelers are a completely different animal, I know, but these two teams play tough, competitive games that are often decided by a field goal or less.  I really don't have a clue who will win this game but I suspect it will be by less than a field goal.  The pick is Baltimore, because I don't want to lay points on either one of these teams. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cam Newton Turning Pro. Avoids NCAA Ineligibility

Yep, hard to believe.  Cam Newton is leaving Auburn for the NFL draft.  Stunner.  Couple facts to state here before we move forward.

1.  Cecil Newton can finally give Cam his share of the cash Auburn clearly paid the family for the services. 

2.  Auburn is gonna suck next year. 

3.  Cam should take all the pictures he can with that Heisman while he still has it.

4.  Minnesota will draft Cam Newton to make sure that all 3 QBs on their roster are option-style guys that suck in the pros (Joe Webb, Tavaris Jackson)

5.  Apparently some QB named Blaine Gabbard (who?) is still on Kiper's board ahead of Newton.  I literally don't know who that is. 

Yankees Sign Rafael Soriano... Yawn

The Yankees are flashing the cash.  Today, they signed Tampa Bay reliever Rafael Soriano to a 3 year, $35M deal. 

This, no shit, is the biggest signing the Yankees have made this off season.  They signed a guy to pitch innings 6-8, forgetting that they really don't have anyone to pitch innings 1-6. 

The state of affairs has been so bad this winter that if Andy Pettite decides to come back (not happenin') they are going to throw a ticker tape parade in midtown.

In related Tampa Bay news, are they really going to give away the entire roster for nothing this off season?  Said it before, and I will say it again, the only guy that's gonna be left is Evan Longoria.  Opening day lineup will be the triple A affiliate guys and Evan Longoria.  They have a 60-102 look about them, don't they?

The New Hotness

Broncos Hire Retread

Wow that John Elway has been quite the difference maker in his first few weeks in charge in Denver.  After being told by various different coaching "candidates" that they were not interested in the Broncos vacancy, the Broncos officially hired John Fox today. 

Fox, who recently lost his job with the Panthers after an impressive 2-14 year complete with a quarterback carousel, will succeed Josh McDaniels in Denver and will have his fate in Denver tied to Virgin Air himself, Tim Tebow. 

I want to qualify this statement by saying that I think John Fox is a better than average head coach.  He got to a Super Bowl with Jake Delhomme as his QB, which is the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette for 20 weeks straight with 5 bullets in the chamber.  That said, I gotta condemn this hire.  An inability on Elway's part to get a big name interested in his vacancy followed by a hiring of coaching retread, a guy that the 2-14 Panthers thought was the wrong guy for the job, is not going to be a difference maker for that organization.  Sorry, but it isn't. 

Stanford's College Football Revevance Officially Over

Stanford has promoted Offensive Coordinator David Shaw to the position of Head Football Coach. 

Here ends Stanford's college football relevance. 

In a situation where the Athletic Director and the University as a whole needed to make a splashy, "save your recruiting class" kind of hire, they instead opted for a guy with no head coaching experience.  In essence, they opted for the cheap way out.  Andrew Luck is rethinking staying at Stanford more and more by the second. 

Sorry Cardinal fans, a swift return to those 6-6 seasons you had become so accustomed to is in the cards. 

Carmelo to... the Clippers?

Bill Simmons wrote an article on ESPN about this (here) and while it is that I am sure you are thinking I must be sniffing glue, the guy makes a whole lot of sense.  Let's break it down a bit and you tell me what you think:

1.  Carmelo wants to play for the Knicks...  The Knicks have nothing to offer Denver in terms of fair market value for a trade.  Nothing remotely close.  So that isn't gonna happen in season.  OK so he waits until the off season and signs a free agent deal with the Knicks.  Not so fast.  There's a lock out coming and the potential for a dramatic shift in the salary cap exists.  Max deals could be 4 or 5 years starting in 2011.  The max money could be dramatically less.  Basically, while the Knicks could happen in the off season, the potential for a lockout and the changing NBA economy could cost Carmelo a fortune ($20M) if he doesn't get something done before the close of the season.

2.  The Nets Russian owner has ridiculous money...  It doesn't change the fact that max money is max money, here there or everywhere.  At the end of the day you might end up playing in a very nice arena very close to New York City but that's really it.  You will always be second fiddle in New York to the Knicks.  Brooklyn would likely still qualify as a bigger market than Denver but only slightly.  Do you really want to be 6th page of the Sports Section news in New York?  I wouldn't.

3.  Have you looked at the Nets roster...  The best players right now on the Nets roster are Brook Lopez, Devin Harris and Derrick Favors.  Take two of those off the board, as they will be on the move to Denver in order to get Carmelo Anthony.  The team is currently 10-28.  Shocking bad.  How much of a difference is Carmelo going to make when surrounded by garbage.  Kobe couldn't make it work past getting to the Playoffs.  Michael Jordan got to the East finals but no further.  LeBron got to an NBA finals but as of right now he's won as many NBA Finals games as I have, so you can guess how that went.  And I would speculate that each of those guys had a better (*albeit still bad) supporting cast than Carmelo would in Denver.  Basically, in basketball terms, as Simmons said, it's Denver East. 

4.  There is a case for the Clippers...  And his name is Blake Griffin.  This guy is an absolute fucking monster.  He is a 22-13 guy in his de facto rookie year.  He may be the best highlight reel power forward since right before Shawn Kemp got obese.  The Clippers can offer a good package to the Nuggets that includes Minnesota's unprotected #1 in next spring's draft, which very well could be the #1 overall.  The Clippers have a much better roster post-trade than the Nets, by a mile.  Starting 5 post trade would be Eric Gordon, Baron Davis, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin and Jarron Collins.  The Clips can sign a deal on 2010 terms right now, so a full $65M.  And you would still be in Los Angeles, the nation's second largest media market. 

I doubt this will happen because Donald Sterling will always find a way to cheap out.  But I am saying that there is a case to be made for this and the Clips and Nuggets ought to get interested in making this happen. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lakers Blast Cavs by 55

The Woodsy half of the Woodsy and Gordo tandem is a die hard Lakers fan and the first one to admit that the Lake Show has been nothing short of abysmal in the last six weeks. 

But, all woes can be brought to a conclusion when the Cavaliers come to town.  Final score of last nights game was 112-57.  That is not a typo.  That really happened. 

How epic bad were the Cavs last night? 

Their leading scorer was Alonzo Gee (who?)
Their starters combined to shoot 8-37 from the field
They were 1-14 from 3 point land on the night
They shot less than 30% for the game from the field
They were only 10-16 from the line

Pretty much the worst night imaginable.  I want to thank Cleveland for that confidence builder. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who Is This Guy?

This fat bastard is Brady Hoke, officially the former head coach of San Diego State and the new head guy at Michigan.

As was fearlessly predicted a few hours ago by Woodsy and Gordo, Michigan has officially hired the only person that was interested in their coaching vacancy.  Even the Golden Voice Ted Williams guy, who was homeless 2 weeks ago, turned down this job. 

Hoke has done a nice job turning around the San Diego State program but let's be honest, SDSU ain't Michigan.  It's lower profile, its vastly less media attention.  The alumni base aren't a bunch of rabid eat-their-own cannibals with serious false illusions about prestige and greatness.  Frankly, it has to be said that the recruiting base is probably a lot deeper at San Diego State.  Furthermore, Michigan's current stable of players suck.  RichRod left the cupboard awfully bare.  Denard Robinson is fun to watch but he doesn't play a style conducive to winning 11 games a year.  He can't even stay on the field for 4 full quarters without getting hurt. 

If I were this guy, I would want something like a 4 year iron clad contract because that is the absolute soonest this guy can hope to get the Wolverines nationally competitive again.  I kinda feel bad for Brady Hoke because he was the only guy who wanted this job and he was still their third choice.  

Tough days ahead in Ann Arbor.

Michigan Football Completely Fucked

Congratulations Brady Hoke.  Who is Brady Hoke, you ask?  He is the current football coach at San Diego State and the future coach of the Michigan Wolverines.  Hoke is literally the only person still in consideration for the job as choice #1 (Jim Harbaugh) and choice #2 (Les Miles) both took a pass. 

Little known fact about what went on at Michigan this year, but the new AD there actually sat with the coaching staff as they broke down game film.  Can you imagine how stifling that must be as a coach, with your boss constantly looking over your shoulder.  I'm sure the AD likes going to the film sessions but I am also positive that Les Miles and Jim Harbaugh both said that shit was gonna stop if they took the job. 

So, congrats to Brady Hoke.  You are actually the only guy who wants the Michigan job at this point, so it is yours. 

Auburn Beats Oregon... Wins National Championship... Will Have To Give It Back in 24 Months or Less

Auburn has won the BCS title. 

It was certainly not the high scoring affair that many, including W&G thought it was going to be, but it was still a fun game to watch.  Oregon pulls even with a late drive, only to watch Auburn march the ball down to the Oregon 1 and kick the game winning field goal as time expired. 

The Hero:  Cam Newton.  It wasn't a clean, mistake free performance from the Heisman winner but it was gritty and good enough.  Got great work from the running game and the defense played great.  But if you had to point to a single performance, Newton gets the nod.

The Goat:  Anyone who parlayed Oregon and the Over.  Oregon was a 2.5 point dog that lost by 3, and the over was 72.5 (total points 41).  Everyone and their mother had money riding on the over in this game only to watch both teams have their best defensive performances of the year. 

The Story Behind the Story:  Auburn is already secretly making plans for when they have to forfeit this national championship and Cam Newton's Heisman Trophy.  Representatives from both Fed Ex and UPS, speaking on conditions of anonymity, have been commissioned to find a cheap, but effective means of transportation to get that BCS trophy to Eugene and the Heisman back to the New York Athletic Club. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

LeBum is a Copy Cat

I saw this online and couldn't help but post this. I tried to dislike Lebron when he came out of high school but he said and did all of the right things. Ever since "The Decision" I can't stand this guy. I think he is a fake and a total fraud. The video if you watch at the 1:58 mark where Kevin Garnett calls the Celtics "The Ceatles, like The Beatles" it is funny how Lebron calls his Heat the Heatles.. Friggin Fraud....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Who Is This Guy?

He's Mike Mayock, that's who.

Who is Mike Mayock, you ask.  He's the color guy on the Saints Seahawks game.  You know, the guy with the terrible lisp.  This is the problem with giving NBC two of the playoff games on wild card weekend, they don't have two announcing teams.  Tom Hammond is bad enough on the call but seriously, a guy with a HEAVY speech impediment doing the color commentary?  And this is all before you take into account how bad his analysis is.  He keeps asking questions like, "did he get them to jump offsides?"  Dude NBC is paying you to actually know that information without having to ask someone else.

Dude is terrible, I am seriously rooting for this guy to get more work simply because I cannot believe that a major network would put a guy with such a heavy speech impediment on the air.  It's like staring at a train wreck as you drive by.  Its horrible, and you can't believe it, and yet you can't tear your eyes from it.

In other news, Seattle has hung 24 points on the Saints defense in the first half, including 17 in a row, to lead 24-17 with under two minutes to go in the first half.  Crazy.  Still think the Saints are gonna cover....

Friday, January 7, 2011

Worst Shot Selection in the NBA

Thank you to Jon Lister for giving us the Blog for the weekend! Here at W&G need readers help with the weekend blog. Please send your nominations by commenting on this blog!

Jon Lister will get credit for the 1st selections in the Worst Shooting Selection Draft!

Antione Walker.... FG% 41
FG3% 32
FT% 63

Please comment below for you selections. Sunday night we will make the team!

With the second overall selection in the Worst Shooting Selection Draft, Woodsy will be taking legendary journeyman Nick "The Quick" Van Exel

Career #s:

FG%: 40.5
FG3% 35.7
FT%: 79.4

The high free throw percentage tells you all you need to know about Nick's shot selection and his shocking bad field goal percentage.  Best part about Van Exel...  The stats actually get worse in the playoffs:

FG%: 39.4
FG3% 32.4
FT%: 75.3

He may be "Nick the Quick" but he will never be mistaken for being "Nick the Clutch."

Harbaugh to 49ers

And just like that, the Stanford football program started its demise.

Jim Harbaugh just agreed to terms with the 49ers to become their next head coach.  Now all Harbaugh has to do is find a quarterback.  By the way, this is absolutely a team that will have their eye on Vince Young.  As bad a locker room cancer as he is, its still better than starting 16 games with either Alex or Troy Smith at the helm. 

Stanford has to start their coaching search effective immediately.  I keep saying this but they should put Gus Malzahm, Auburn's offensive coordinator, at the top of the list. 

Garza to Cubs... Fenway Faithful Rejoice

Thank you Tampa Bay.  You have done everything the Red Sox needed this off season to stop losing to you. 

As if stealing Carl Crawford from the Rays wasn't good enough, the Rays just traded Matt Garza to to the Cubs.  Garza, nicknamed "The Red Sox Assassin" and "The Serial Red Sox Killer" will be taking his talents to the north side of Chicago, and more importantly, the National League. 

Garza, who holds the record for most times spitting per 9 innings of baseball, has absolutely destroyed the Red Sox in recent years.  Since 2006, Garza's team has gone an astonishing 16-5 against the Red Sox including two absolutely lock down outings in the 2008 ALCS (13 innings, 8 hits, 2 runs, 14Ks, 6 walks) specifically 7 lights out innings of 2 hit ball in game 7. 

So it is with much pleasure that I say, "Adios Matt, enjoy Chi-town."

Read Done at Wheaton

Don't know how we missed this breaking news, but we did. 

On November 22, Wheaton Women's Volleyball coach Ben Read has resigned from his post, effective immediately.  The Wheaton website says that Read amassed 67 wins over his 5 year tenure, though it doesn't say how many losses (I know there were tons).

I actually had the opportunity to spend an evening with Read a couple years ago when he brought his team out to California for a tournament.  I don't know the first thing about volleyball but I can say this for sure, Ben was a good dude.  We at W&G wish him well. 

Weekend Pick Off

The pick in bold...

Saints (minus 10) @ Seahawks
This game is probably the only safe pick against the spread all weekend.  Seattle is arguably the worst division winner in the history of the modern NFL, a very shaky 7-9 on the season.  Reports broke late Thursday that Matt Hasselbeck will be healthy and ready to go for the Seahawks.  I don't understand why this is news unless you are actually betting an over/under on interceptions thrown by Seattle quarterbacks.  That line was 3.5 with Charlie Whitehurst, now down to an even 3 with Hasselbeck.  When the best argument you can make in Seattle's favor is that the stadium gets loud, it is officially a red flag.  If I am New Orleans and I win the toss, I receive, score right away and make a bona fide crappy offense like Seattle chase the game.  For what it's worth, I wouldn't have hesitated on the Saints if the line were double as much.  Saints are gonna roll. 

Jets (plus 2.5) @ Colts
Picking Peyton Manning in a playoff scenario is never a "mortal lock" scenario, and it is even less so considering his wide outs were practice squad guys less than six weeks ago.  That said, Indianapolis won this same matchup at home a year ago.  Also, I can't shake the ass whipping the Jets took on Monday Night Football against the Patriots.  Here's why: some teams just don't excel under the bright lights.  Baltimore is that team.  Atlanta very well may be that team, we will know in a week.  The Jets appear to be that team.  No good team goes into their biggest game of the year, nationally televised, against a division opponent that you know well and gets beat 45-3.  It just doesn't happen.  I don't think this will be a rout but I just feel like a laying a field goal isn't so bad.  The Jets limped into the playoffs, finishing on a 2-3 run to close out the season.  The Colts have been playing playoff games since week 14 and have won 4 in a row coming in.  Colts, not by a lot but by enough.

Ravens (minus 3) @ Chiefs
I am not comfortable picking against home team dogs unless that home team is Seattle.  Here is what I know about this game.  It is going to be less than 30 degrees at kickoff and there is snow in the forecast.  Perfect conditions for what the Chiefs do well, dink and dunk passing attack and a steady dose of Jamaal Charles.  Joe Flacco, to me, is a game manager and doesn't have the weapons in shitty weather conditions to inflict maximum damage.  I could be wrong and Ray Rice could have 175 yards and kill my pick, but I just don't see it.  I also hate to play up the crowd factor but the Chiefs haven't played a home playoff game since the Nixon Administration it seems like and the crowd will be seriously wound up for this one.  For me, this is the toughest game to call in the first round.  At the end of the day, I think this is a sucker's bet and the underdog Chiefs aren't really an underdog.  The Chiefs won't beat themselves with turnovers and are gonna be there at the end of this game.  If that is the case, I like their chances.  Chiefs, straight up for the win. 

Packers (plus 2.5) @ Eagles
This is a tough call for a number of reasons.  First, the Packers are a good team that has had to win important games against tough teams just to be in this position.  Second, anyone who saw the Eagles lose to Minnesota a couple weeks back has serious concerns about the Eagles' championship credentials.  I think these teams are evenly matched.  At the end of the day I can't pick against Michael Vick.  He has proven throughout his career that the bright lights moments (the ones the Jets appear terrified of) are his best moments.  Think about when he destroyed the Packers at Lambeau in the freezing cold.  Think about that national championship game against Florida State (Virginia Tech lost that game but only because everyone other than Vick on that team stunk).  My guess is that Vick, at least for one week, turns in the all-world performance we all know he is capable of.  I don't think it will work throughout the playoffs because better teams will contain him and hit him hard if he goes mobile, but for one week, it will be the Michael Vick Show.  My dog officially hates this pick.  Eagles have the best player in the game, win by a touchdown. 

Antoine Walker Update

Antoine WalkerSitting up at 3am with my newborn I decided to look and see what out boy Antoine Walker is up to. It was to my shocking eyes I saw that he is averaging 32 minutes a game! That fat ass is playing some quality minutes for the D-League Stempede.

Now here comes the real shocker... His stat line..

17 Pts
6.2 Rebounds
3.6 Assists
Which I think is pretty good for a fat guy with no money. On to the typical Antoine stats..

45% From the field
35% From the 3 pt line
3.3. Turnovers per game.
2.2 Walker wiggles per game.

I think the Clipper need to take a long look at this guy. He could be a great help to show Blake Griffin the ropes.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sources: 'Fins to stick with Sparano

Wow.  The Dolphins, after spending the afternoon sucking off Jim Harbaugh, have decided that they are gonna stick with CURRENT DOLPHINS EMPLOYEE and head coach Tony Sparano. 

Nothing would be more fitting than to watch Tony Sparano walk away from the Dolphins job Nick Saban style for some bigtime college job or even some other NFL team.  The Dolphins absolutely deserve to get fucked like that. 

As if I needed more reason to root against the Dolphins, i officially have more ammunition. 

Shout out to Jon Lister.  Congrats buddy.  Your team has officially plunged back into chaos. 

Stanford Gets Luck-y

Okay I gotta say, I am rarely surprised by anything in sports but this one is a bit of a stunner.

I am not sure whether this is just a referendum on the Carolina Panthers as an organization or the misfortune of having a college athletic director as a father.

Either way it doesn't matter.  Stanford fans are certainly rejoicing right now, as their talisman quarterback will be returning for one more go-round. 

Hate to be the one to point this out though.  Stanford only had 1 coach who ever made it all come together, and that's Jim Harbaugh.  And dude is gonna be on the payroll there for about 6 more minutes.  I mean honestly, think about it, John Elway wen there and had a college career hardly worth noting.  Bill Walsh (3 Super Bowl rings Bill Walsh) coached there TWICE and could never make it work. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that Stanford, even with Andrew Luck, is destined for a 10-3-like year and a trip to the 2012 Poinsettia Bowl. 

Taurasi B Sample Positive... Still Gross Looking

I don't care what anybody says, this is still far and away the most interesting thing that has ever happened in the WNBA.

Diana Taurasi, the league's biggest star, has tested positive for a stimulant and both her A and B samples came back positive.  As a result, her contract with Turkish club Fenerbache has been terminated.  Which sucks because that means you can't play in Turkey anymore, because Turkey sounds like such a nice place to live an play basketball. 

Rumor has it that the Idaho Stampede have a growing interest in adding Taurasi to their burgeoning superstar roster.  They feel she could compliment Salim Stoudamire and Antoine Walker beautifully. 

Harbaugh in Demand

This is hardly new news but if you are the athletic director at Stanford, you best start looking for a new head football coach now.  

The 36 hours following Stanford's thrashing of Virginia Tech has been met with quite a great deal of interest from the NFL (and Michigan, but it really isn't gonna happen).  Harbaugh is currently the favorite for the 49ers job, the Browns job, the Raiders job and now the Dolphins job (apparently Miami forgot to fire the current coach first before pining for a new guy.).  As a matter of fact, the only 2 teams in the NFL not currently considering Harbaugh are the Patriots, only because Bob Kraft is concerned Belichick will kill him if he moves on Harbaugh, and the Steelers, who love having Omar Epps as their coach.  

Safe money is still on the 49ers.  The guy doesn't want to move.  Who does? 

Vince Done in Nashville

Country  music will never be the same!

Vince Young will not be returning to the Titans next season.  Jeff Fisher must be relieved (mullet and all) because the front office has officially declared him the winner in this heavyweight fight. 

VY, who put up a few seasons of good numbers in Tennessee, has had his time there marred by a couple of epic meltdowns.  Vince's #1 problem is, even though he is a grown man, apparently he hasn't developed emotionally beyond the age of 6.  So, if anyone steals his lunch money or yells at him, he cries and becomes suicidal. 

Someone will likely spring for Vince because his numbers are good but bringing that crazy shit into your locker room looks like a formula for disaster. 

Can we get Vince's former Titans teammate Randy Moss to weigh in?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Buyer Beware

I do hope everyone had a chance to watch the Sugar Bowl last night.  Fun game for sure.  Ohio State gets their rout on, only to almost give it all away, only for Ryan Mallett to throw an AWFUL interception at the Ohio State 7 with under a minute to go in what would have been a game winning drive.

Hats off to the Arkansas defense, which had the hell beaten out of it in the first half, only to turn around and dominate the Buckeyes in the second half, causing turnovers, getting stops and even blocking a punt with under a minute to play.

That brings us to Ryan Mallett, widely projected as the #2 quarterback available in the upcoming NFL draft.  Mallett looked really bad for long stretches last night, wasn't accurate, looked nervous stepping up in the pocket.  His evening culminated in a "What the FUCK were you thinking?" pick in the last minute of the game.

This kid looks a whole lot more like Jimmy Clausen than Matt Ryan.  And yet, some team will draft (and likely start) him.  The guy reminds me a lot of Joey Harrington, and we all know how that worked out. Couple last night's meltdown with his similar meltdown against Alabama earlier in the season and the red flags are officially flying.  Here's hoping your team doesn't draft this guy!

The Coaching Carousel Continues

We turn our focus to the NFL, which has had some crazytown developments over the past 24 hours.

First, the incomparably incompetent Marvin Lewis will be returning for yet another year in Cincinnati.  I can only imagine that the conversations between the front office and Marvin go like this:

Owner: Marvin, we went 5-11 again this year
Marvin: Seriously, it's not my fault. 
Owner:  OK.  Just wanted to check

So the Bengals will be bad, officially, next year with this contract extension complete.

The latest news on the Carousel is that Oakland's Tom Cable (the same Tom Cable who didn't lose a single game in his division.  The same Tom Cable who coached a poor Raiders team to an 8-8 record) will not be returning to the team next year.  Apparently Skeletor's twin brother, Al Davis, believes he will be able to find a better coach at a cheaper price.  Only bad news on that theory is that Cable is a good coach and the lowest paid head guy in the NFL. 

Glad to see the Raiders will be 4-12 again next year.  Good call, Al Davis. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


As if 3 genuinely bad seasons of football weren't enough, a 38 point loss to Mississippi Sate at the Gator Bowl will almost always do the job!

The University of Michigan has given Rich Rodriguez his marching orders in a rare coaching change that we at the Blog can endorse.  Michigan, if you remember, forced Lloyd Carr out 3 years ago, thinking that his day had come and gone (albeit Lloyd did lose to Appalachian State that year, at home).  The only problem was that Michigan would be MILES (not Les Miles.  Well, maybe Les Miles) ahead had they kept Carr around or not botched the attempted prying of Les Miles away from LSU. 

So what now?  Les Miles seems like the guy (Jim Harbaugh isn't gonna happen, people!) or they go get a Tressell type from a smaller school (the guy at San Diego State is rumored).  Can't wait to see how this one unfolds.