Thursday, February 3, 2011

From The Awful Jersey Hall of Fame

Don't call him Chris!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a Jim Everett New Orleans Saints jersey. 

If you have never seen Jim Everett flip out on Jim Rome, youtube it.  Absolutely tremendous. 

As If Things In Yankee-land Weren't Already Bad Enough...

... Andy Pettite has decided to hang 'em up.  Which means that the Yankees opening day rotation will look something like this:

Phil Hughes
Freddie Garcia
Bartolo Colon

Aside from Sabathia, they don't have any guy in the organization who has any hope of pitching into the 7th inning of a game this year.  

The Yanks can really thank their golden boy Derek Jeter for this mess.  When the Yankees should have been actively pursuing anyone who could be a starting pitcher, they had to spend their time squabbling over money with a 36 year old short stop with limited range and diminishing skill at the plate.  

Things are so bad that the New York press is literally asking (no shit, really) Brian Cashman if he is "Trying to get fired?" 

Unreal.  Love it.  

PS:  I am hoping against hope that the TBD rotation spot goes to Kei Igawa.  Love that dude!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Signing Day... Brings Back Fond Memories

Meet Kevin Hart.  Kevin was a star recruit out of Fernley High School in Nevada.  Or so he would like you to think. 

Every year on Signing Day I am reminded of this story, where Kevin held a press conference filled with local media and gave his commitment to play football at the University of California.  He narrowed it down to Oregon and Cal, before deciding that his conversations with Cal coach Jeff Tedford were the difference maker in his choice.

Only one problem...  Neither Jeff Tedford or then Oregon coach Mike Bellotti had ever heard of the kid.  He made the whole thing up. 

Check out the article from USA Today.  Great read... Kevin Hart Article