Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dwight Howard Saga - Day 849

We had almost a 72 hour stretch this past weekend where nobody said the name Dwight Howard and associated it with "actual news" but that streak has come to an end. 

Fresh from the "not real news" news archives we can update you about the following:

1)  Houston apparently made a revised bid over the weekend that was poor enough or not remotely different enough that it didn't merit being reported as news.  Probably not the best of signs if you are Houston honestly.  Orlando has heard what you can offer and what garbage contracts you would be willing to take with Howard.  Essentially, Orlando seemingly wants to dump Howard and EVERY bad contract they have on the books (read as Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and probably a hand full of other shitty guys).  Orlando has a new GM and to his credit/discredit, he doesn't want to have to be saddled with Otis Smith's shitty deals on the books, but seriously, nobody is all that garbage back...

2)  The Lakers have made a renewed push by having a "sit down" with the Magic brass.  Here's what we actually know about this.  The teams' representatives sat down to discuss the deal.  Here's what we don't really know but people are reporting as if we do.  The Lakers offering Artest and Bynum for Howard and one of the Magic's shitty deals.  This could be entirely false.  The Lakers and Magic want assurances from Howard and Bynum respectively that they will extend their contracts.  This is clearly assumed but hardly news.  Basically, all we know is that the two teams wanted to meet in person to discuss, which has happened at some level, and the details of which are relatively scarce.  My best guess is that the teams left the conversation in "this might work out but I gotta go talk to my guy" status.  Until Bynum and Howard agree to extend contracts with the new team, this one is still a non-starter for either party. 

3)  Dwight Howard is in Los Angeles at present.  He was at the Dodgers game last night, which leads me to believe that if my conclusion was correct, then a resolution to this round of "talks" will be quickly achieved. 

Thats all the Dwight news we've got for the morning.  Stay tuned....

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