Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Roundup Time!

Consolation Prize?

The Mavericks have to be feeling the sting this morning.  After looking for a dramatic upgrade this off season, here's how things have played out.  Derron Williams, far and away their top target, resigned with Brooklyn.  Jason Terry, who was so big for the Mavs in their championship run, signed in Boston. The two acquisitions the Mavs were able to make were picking up Philly amnesty castoff Elton Brand (not the guy he once was) and signing OJ Mayo, a very solid role guy, like a young Shane Battier or maybe a little better, but a role guy nonetheless.  For a guy as competitive as Cuban, this offseason has gotta hurt.


The USA basketball team beat Brazil last night by 11.  Worth qualifying I suppose that Brazil is actually a pretty descent international basketball team, not to be confused with the Dominican Republic team that US demolished last week.  Couple notes to file away as the games that actually count approach.  LeBron had a big night, shot the ball well, had a few boards (and turned the ball over 5 times).  An effective LeBron is a thing the rest of the world doesn't have an answer for.  On the "not so good" side of things, Carmelo got the start again and again was awful.  1 of 7 from the field, 1 of 3 from the line, 4 rebounds.  Basically a total no factor.  Kobe... 3 of 11 from the field.  Durant... 5 of 13 and didn'g get to the line at all.  As a team they were 6 of 24 from 3 and shot a poor 40.8% from the field.  It will need to be better going forward. 

Stop the Linsanity

The Knicks appear ready and willing to take a pass on Jeremy Lin.  This will be massively unpopular with the fan base but for once appears to be a sensible business decision from the Knicks, feeling that between salary and subsequent luxury tax considerations that $43M is an awful lot of money for a guy who played 25 good games in the NBA.  Also, and this is just a theory, but maybe the Knicks are trying to work a little salary cap magic, setting themselves up next off season for a run at Chris Paul.  Just some food for thought there.

Woman Stalks Theo

Seriously, if you are going to stalk someone, why Theo Epstein?  I mean seriously, it's not 2004.  Anyway, this crazy person was arrested.  And Theo was still the nearly worthless GM of the nearly worthless Chicago Cubs.  Good luck with all of that. 

Lakers Scoop up Jamison

The Lakers look like they will sign Antawn Jamison today.  Jamison averaged 17+ points per game last year in Cleveland (because someone was bound to score for them) and he's clearly not going to put up those kind of numbers for the Lakers but at times he has proven to be an apt outside shooter, which is a must have when you have Steve Nash running the point.  The Lakers are also interested in Jermaine O'Neal's corpse, which is a mistake.  Meet the new Troy Murphy. 


Arsenal look prepared to finally show some backbone as they are set to tell Robin Van Persie that he will not be allowed to leave the club this summer, instead choosing to hold RVP to his contract.  Van Persie's deal expires at the end of the upcoming season and would be able to leave at the end of the season for free should he desire to do so.  All credit to the Arsenal boardroom, who have been VERY good this offseason, after being just horrible in the previous couple years.  Two marquee signings, no marquee sales (yet) and a real chance to make forward progress on last season's (distant) 3rd place finish.  Stay tuned on this one though, still more wrinkles to come, I am sure of it. 

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