Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Round Up

Welcome to the Weekend Round Up, a quick hitting snyopsis of the comings and goings this weekend in Sports.

1)  Spain absolutely busted a nut on Italy to win Euro 2012.  Spain has now won the last three major tournaments, becoming the first team ever to do that.  Italy had notice served by halftime that Spain was a lot better than them.  We now have an international soccer lull until the World Cup in 2014, which, for once, takes place in Western Hemisphere time zones so there won't be any getting up in the middle of the night or ass crack of dawn to watch games. 

2)  The Tiger Woods Renaissance made another stop off at the AT&T Invitational this weekend.  El Tigre logged a two stroke win, his third of the year.  Couple quick hit thoughts on this...  First, if we are measuring Tiger's season by the standards that every other golfer is measured, he's having an excellent, if not outstanding season.  Second, we don't measure him by those standards, and neither does he.  The true question is whether the guy can put it together when it matters the most.  In two tries, the answer has been pretty clear "no" but he's got two more shots at it, so I guess we will see. 

3)  Dwight Howard really wants to play for the Brooklyn nets.  If I am the GM of the Magic, the team currently paying Howard's wages, I sit, wait and then trade Dwight Howard to New Jersey 30 seconds after Derron Williams signs for Dallas.  I'd be like, "look pal, we gave you exactly what you wanted.  Enjoy playing Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic and Gerald Wallace, because we got Brook Lopez and anyone else worth a shit in trade for you."  There will likely be a Dwight Howard-oriented post in the next day or so, but this guy is proving to be one exceptionally arrogant motherfucker for a guy who hasn't won anything.  ever.  Pencil this in people, Dwight Howard will never win a title on a team where he's the focal point of the offense.  His offensive game is good, not great, and he clearly wants the ball in his hands on every posession.  Crazy. 

4)  In one of the odder sports stories from the weekend, Olympic hopeful Jeneba Tarboh is refusing to have a one race run off against Allison Felix for the third spot on the US Olympic team.  Her logic:  despite the video and timing evidence that their first matchup was a dead heat, Tarboh feels that because the scoreboard operater at Hayward Field listed her third IMMEDIATELY after the race, and before any of the timing and photographs could be reviewed, that she earned 3rd and should be given a spot on the Olympic team.  Naturally, the governing body disagreed.  Tarboh refused the run off and thus forfeitted the spot to Allison Felix.  Kinda dumb.  Just run it off.  If you win, its because you deserved it, and if you lose, you deserved that too. 

5)  Last item of note.  Reigning Olympic All Around Gymnastics gold medalist Nastia Liukin, who spent the past four years peddling $5 foot longs for Subway and being hot, failed to make this year's olympic team.  She unfortunately ate shit during her uneven bars routine, which pretty much was the end of the road.  I have included the video for your viewing.  (
Credit to Nastia Liukin though, she took this one like a man. 

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  1. Where to start

    I don't give a shit about a soccer so I am not going to waste my time commenting on it. At least it didn't end in PK's.

    As for Tiger.. That Mother F'er (or Hooker F'er) is back! This guy is starting to look like his old self and it also looks like players on the tour are getting scared of him again. If he is in the hunt on Sunday.. Game over.

    Robbie Hennigan (Worcester, Ma) will do what is right for the Magic. I personally think he is going to end up in Houston for the likes of Scola and some other players. It might take a 3rd team but that is where I put my money on it. As for Howard, I use to like the guy and now I'd rather see him go to a team like the Raptors.. Make him invisible..

    As for the Olympic Shit, Just want to watch Lochte and Phelps go at it all summer.. I know neither of them would wave off a swim off. What a bunch of babies some of the athletes are becoming.. Lace em up and race to stupid broad.