Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Howard Drama! - Lopez To Sign Max Deal - Stuck in Jersey 'til December

Brook Lopez is reported to be signing a max-level contract with the Nets by the end of the day.  Here are my quick hit 3 thoughts:

1)  Lopez signing such a deal locks him into the Nets for a TON of money and makes him trade restricted until December.  Both of these things make him an unattractive trade piece for the Magic in the Dwight Howard shenanegans.

2)  I thought offering Roy Hibbert max-level money was absurd, but this is worse.  You cannot seriously give a guy who broke the same foot twice in a year a max level contract.  You could very easily end up paying crazy money to a guy who wears street clothes at your games more than he does a uniform. 

3)  The Magic sent clear signals to Brooklyn that a deal for Dwight Howard was not going to happen for them. The Magic likely wanted more than the Nets could ever hope to scrape together. 

So where does this leave Dwight Howard?  Go by a Cowboy hat or some new shades and a bathing suit. 
It's gonna be Houston or LA now...

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